Lead Work

Lead is the most recycled and recovered building material in use today.


Lead hip


Lead step flashing


Lead flashing on parapet wall

Chimney Stack


The chimney stack is exposed to the very worst of all weather conditions. Keeping it structurally sound and able to withstand this onslaught takes specialist knowledge, the right tools and a sound understanding of all the relevant safety systems.



  • Fully compliant to Health and Safety regulations
  • Minimum mess and disruption
  • Cranes and cherry pickers provided for larger projects
  • Fully experienced in the repair and maintenance of a wide range of chimney stacks



Box Gutter


Box gutters are notorious for leaking.  As box gutters collect rainwater from pitched roof elevations there handle large quantities of rainwater.  Rainwater is unforgiving and if there is a fault or failure in the box gutter weatherproofing rainwater will exploit this and rainwater will ingress into the property.


In our experience most box gutters leak due to poor installation of the box gutter weatherproofing.